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Pizza Box Drinking Game- Rules & Tips-2024

Pizza Box Drinking Game

Are you a Pizza Lover? Well, how about playing a Pizza Box Drinking game this time? Wondering what it is and how to play it? Pick your box, and know the rules! The pizza box drinking game is an entertaining and original drinking game made for friends to gather and play without taking anything too … Read more

6 Best 18 And Up Bars In Phoenix Arizona

Visiting some of the 18 and up bars0 in Phoenix Arizona is one of the most adventurous things to do there. Some stepping into those bars and clubs was at the top of my priority list. And when I went to the bars such as Bliss ReBar- Bar and Grill, Monarch Theatre, Bar Smith, Cobra … Read more

6 Best 18 And Up Bars In Houston TX- 2024

Visiting the most popular 18 and up bars in Houston TX was at the top of my priority list when I planned a 7-day vacation there. I heard a lot about the bars and nightclubs in Houston. And trust me! I would miss such an amazing experience if I avoided stepping into the bars like … Read more

6 Best 18 And Up Clubs In San Diego-2024

My friends and I just returned from a 15 days vacation in San Diego. But, apart from the scenic beauty and local restaurants, I just fell in love with some amazing 18 and up clubs in San Diego. Especially, clubs like San Diego Club Crawl, The Sheesha Lounge, and Nobel Experiment had left me truly … Read more

5 Clubs Under 21 in Los Angeles, CA

Are you under 21 yet want to experience the stunning nightlife of Los Angeles? Don’t worry! We have brought to you some of the best under 21 clubs in Los Angeles that can drive you crazy. Especially, under 21 clubs like Florentine Gardens, The Whiskey A Go Go, Sound Nightclub, Dragonfly Hollywood, Avalon Hollywood, etc … Read more

6 Best 18 and Up Clubs in Savannah, GA

Being the first planned city in the United States, Savannah GA is famous for so many things including the eye-soothing scenic beauty. Apart from this, Savannah is also famous for its happening nightlife. There are some really attractive and alluring 18 and up bars in Savannah Georgia that can offer you to party and chill … Read more

6 Best 18 And Up Bars In Dallas

Last month, I, along with my husband visited Dallas. And obviously, this city is the hub of multiple traditions and cultures. Now, truly, we did multiple adventures here. But, do you know what is the most exciting thing in this city? The bars and nightclubs!  Yes! We visited some stunning 18 and up bars in … Read more

10 Best 18 And Up Bars In Fort Worth- 2024

Visiting Fort Worth City was a great adventure for me. Once I stepped into the city in Texas, it instantly grabbed me with its amazing vibe. My tour guide told me that if I did not visit the 18 and up bars in Fort Worth, it would be a great loss for me.  So, I … Read more

Rage Cage Drinking Game: Equipment & Rules

Rage Cage Drinking Game

Drink, Strategize and Play! Sounds like a challenge? Well, that’s the real fun of the party! Rage Cage is a very flexible game that lets you work together, race, and even play strategically. It is a drinking game that works well with a big group. In this fast-paced drinking game, people try to bounce ping-pong … Read more

Beer Ball Drinking Game Rules & Tips

Beer Ball drinking game

Do you enjoy a chilled beer in the summer? If that’s true, do you know the rules? A.ha, beer fun can be doubled with beer ball rules. Wondering what’s that? Well don’t worry, it’s not Amber Nector! Let’s do 12-ounce curls and know the game and its rules!! Beer ball is a drinking game played … Read more