Beer Ball Drinking Game Rules & Tips

Do you enjoy a chilled beer in the summer? If that’s true, do you know the rules? A.ha, beer fun can be doubled with beer ball rules.

Wondering what’s that?

Well don’t worry, it’s not Amber Nector! Let’s do 12-ounce curls and know the game and its rules!!

Beer ball is a drinking game played in bars and restaurants where players take turns tossing a ping pong ball at one another. The opposing team’s beer cans became the target. You should be ready to open a can and start drinking as soon as someone knocks on the door. If they grab the ping pong ball and slam it down on the table, you won’t be able to score.

How To Play Beer Ball?

Beer Ball

Don’t feel Dizzy, because it takes a little preparation to play the drinking game Beer Ball. A large table, unopened beer cans, and a ping pong ball are all you need.

Beer ball is a game that can be played by two teams of two to four people each. Each section of the table has its own set of chairs. Each table should have two full, unopened beer cans set out for them.

The game begins after both teams have had a chance to hit each other’s beer cans with a ping pong ball. If a can is thrown at a player, that person must quickly open the beer can in front of them and drink the contents.

The player puts down the beer when the other team has the ping pong ball and is smashing it against the table. If a group consumes all their beer first, they have a better chance of winning. Despite the game’s premise’s simplicity, playing it can give some people the willies. Fast eating and traveling are the keys.

Beer Ball Materials

Beer Ball Materials

Beer Ball Drinking Game – Setup

The game of Beer Ball is brisk and simple to pick up and play, but it does need some planning ahead of time. Therefore, the initial step is to form smaller groups. Anyone can play Beer Ball from four to eight individuals.

There needs to be beer and an even number of individuals on each team. The cans needed should reflect the number of players on each team. Example: in a game with four players, each team would have only two members. This implies each team needs two cans of beer.

The team is responsible for arranging the cans on either side of the work surface. With a little measuring tape, you can divide the table in half for more even play.

When teams are formed, and beer is chilled, someone must be selected as the first to drink. Tossing a coin is the most suitable and reliable choice method.

Beer Ball Rules 

  • Put your unopened beers in separate areas of the table and form teams of two.
  • In this game, the first person will hit the other team’s beer cans with a ping pong ball. One of the two cans is your target.
  • If one of two things happens, the team’s reaction to throwing the ball toward the opposing team’s beer cans will change. If you take your turn and don’t manage to knock over any of the cans, the game will go on to the next player.

One of the two cans will get hit if the ball lands there.

  •  First, crack open a drink and down it as fast as possible.
  • The round ends when the defending team picks up the ball and touches it on the table.
  • The pitcher must stop drinking when the other team ends the round by touching the ball to the table. Everyone must pick up their cans and set them down again after the table has touched the ball.
  • Players trade roles at the beginning of each possession to knock over the opposing team’s beer cans with the ball. When players no longer need to play offense, they can switch to defense with the empty beer can.
  • Once all the beer has been consumed, one team is named the Beer Ball victor.

Two Player Rules

The optimal number of participants for a game of Beer Ball is three, but two players will do in a pinch. There is no need to change the rules. One can of beer per player is sufficient, but two cans per person ensure a more fair and more interesting competition.

This will add some strategic depth and length to the game. Even though Beer Ball is more fun with more players, it can be played successfully with just two people.

Beer Ball Drinking Game Tips

Beer Ball

Make Some Space.

Make sure there are no obstacles in catching the ball, such as other furniture, by clearing the area around your table. Please remove any potential trip hazards before attempting to recover the ball.

A Bad Chug Of Cold Beer

Remember that the first few rounds of the game may be challenging to chug a cold beer. Even if the beer doesn’t taste as good when it’s not ice cold, it’s much easier to drink when it’s not freezing.

No Need To Throw It Away.

Ripping the ping-pong ball as hard as you can toward the opposing team’s beer cans is thrilling, but doing so can seriously compromise your aim. This guidance is supposed to encourage you to unleash your inner Randy Johnson when you throw, but that doesn’t give you the license to go out there and spend the entire game missing every throw.

Let The Viewers Know What You're Doing.

Inviting people to your house party is as easy as playing this game in the basement, backyard, or wherever else. Please share with the group at the table that four of you will be hurling a plastic ball across the room and racing after it in a few minutes. Toss a round of Survivor flip cups and send them into the next room.

Final Words

Beer Ball is a game of four individuals aiming to drink as many beers as quickly as possible. One player empties their beer can while the other is hit with ping pong balls or similar-sized balls thrown by the other player.

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