How To Choose A Dry White Wine For Cooking Chicken

Here comes the music to the ears, You can certainly use dry white wine for cooking chicken. White wines like Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Semillon, Marsanne, Viognier, or even a Roussanne are great at being a …

How to Choose a Dry White Wine for Cooking

Here comes the music to the ears, You can certainly use dry white wine for cooking chicken.

White wines like Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Semillon, Marsanne, Viognier, or even a Roussanne are great at being a cooking ingredient in chicken and many other dishes. These help you savor the taste of your food richly. dry white wine for cooking chicken is perfect for a chicken dish made from red meat, and its delicate flavor will complement the chicken.

Who says wines can only be used as drinks, or sides while clubbing them up with food?

How Does Using Dry Wine Affect Chicken Flavor?

Wines have more propensity than you would have ever thought. White wines in particular make great cooking agents whenever and wherever required.  You can ace up the taste of your boring chicken with the goodness of acidity, exotic flavors, and aroma using a dry white wine for cooking chicken.

With that being mentioned, chicken can sometimes become dull to cook. How much can chicken be altered to make it more interesting? especially if you avoid all other types of meat!

Dry White Wine for Cooking

If you’ve been making chicken for a while, you know that the ingredients you use to flavor it are what make it delicious.  However, wine is one of the most overlooked flavoring ingredients in the typical household for some reason.

You won’t have to put in a lot of effort to make a beautiful, juicy chicken if you use dry white wine for cooking chicken.

We say dry, crisp white wines because only they can serve your dish in the best manner. Oaky, rich white wines tend to get bitter after the cooking process. And the sweeter ones would do no good by getting caramelized in the process and become a major turn-off.

5 Best Cooking Wines For Chicken

As mentioned earlier, the dry white wine is a chef’s best companion for it doesn’t only serve as a good drink but a phenomenal ingredient for cooking chicken. Below are some of the most popular ways to cook wines for chickens:

1. Chardonnay: The 2018 Chardonnay By Ojai Solomon Hills

The classic one, chardonnay is hands down the best white wine to use as a cooking ingredient for your chicken. It pairs perfectly with chicken.

Pine needles, white flowers, and minerals dominate its initial aromas, which are all very natural and very refreshing. Lemon comes first on the palate, followed by orange blossom, white stone fruits like apricot, and all of those tangy minerals, which are more subtle.

Overall, this is a white wine at a very affordable price that will elevate your chicken without overpowering it.

What to cook: 
  • Chardonnay chicken and prosciutto pot pie
  • Chardonnay chicken alfredo
  • Coq au vin blanc (a delicious, creamy braised chicken and mushroom dish with Chardonnay)

2. Semillon: 2017 Semillon By Ashbrook Estate From Margaret River

Semillon can thrive virtually anywhere and produce excellent results thanks to this warmer maritime climate. It has a wide range of aromas, including apple, ginger, ripened citrus fruits, and sweet grassy notes. The acid is definitely present on the palate and the nose.

What to cook: 
  • Semillon chicken noodle soup with a variety of herbs and vegetables
  • Herb-crusted chicken roasted in a fragrant Semillon braising liquid
  • Dijon and Semillon chicken stew

3. Pinot Noir: The 2016 Pinot Noir By Domaine Drouhin From Dundee Hills

Gone are the days when chefs would stick to the conventional rule of crafting red meat with red wine and white meats with only white wine. Any heavy, rich, or creamy chicken recipe can be paired with this fruity Pinot Noir.

The aromas of flower petals, dark cherries, plum, and hints of oak and sandalwood dominate the wine’s complex nose. Personally, we also detected hints of vanilla and spices like cloves.

The wine definitely has an earthy, almost smoky flavor with a lot of acidities. Even if you’re a little hesitant about red wine and chicken, it’s still a must-try wine overall.

What to cook: 
  • Chicken wings with honey-baked Pinot Noir
  • Sticky barbeque chicken
  • Creamy Pinot Noir chicken sandwich

4. Iberia Dry White Cooking Wine

Iberia is the second name of versatility. It is the most flexible cooking dry white wine you can get your hand on. This white cooking pan can be used in a lot of different ways.

Soups, seafood dishes, and Italian dishes like risotto all make use of wine. It adds flavor to salad dressings, chicken meals, vegetables, and soups. When paired with meals, Iberia Cooking Wine has a robust flavor and aroma.

It can be used as a marinade in recipes for fish and chicken. Lifting a Long Shelf: For delicious salads, dressings, stews, and sauces keep a bottle of Iberia Cooking Wine in your pantry. Iberia White is a pantry staple for cooking. Wine is a key component of many popular dishes. It has a delicate golden color and a mild white wine flavor that make it ideal for cooking.

What to cook: 
  • Chicken
  • Seafood
  • Italian dishes
  • Risotto

5. Dry Madeira: Cossart Gordon &Co. 

Madeira is a Portuguese fortified wine from the islands of Madeira that is produced in four distinct styles. Select “Sercial,” a dry style that can also be used as an aperitif. Madeira can be used in place of Sherry in almost any recipe, as a savory addition to gravy, or as a sauce for traditional Beef Wellington.

Dry White Wine For Cooking Seafood

Dry White Wine for Cooking

The best white wine to use when cooking seafood is determined by a few guidelines. Start with a dry white wine that adds sweetness and complexity in a subtle way.

Because it has a milder flavor than chardonnay, Pinot grigio is an excellent choice for seafood and pasta dishes. Duck Pond Pinot Gris, for instance, is a great option from the Willamette Valley.

Dry White Wine For Cooking Pasta

The best wine to pair with pasta is Sauvignon Blanc. It is a great choice for pasta and other seafood dishes due to its high acidity and herbaceous flavor.

Additionally, it works well in glazes and sauces and can brighten up a vegetarian meal. Pasta and seafood go well with this adaptable wine. Try it! Additionally, it makes an excellent marinade ingredient.

Pair Wine With The Food

If you’re just starting out, these tried-and-true methods will always result in great pairings. However, as you gain experience with various wines, you’ll gain self-assurance and be able to experiment without following the rules!

  • The food should have less acidity than the wine.
  • The food should have more sweetness than the wine.
  • The wine ought to have the same amount of flavor as the food.
  • The best red wines go well with meats with strong flavors, like red meat.
  • Light-intensity meats like fish and chicken go well with white wines.
  • Fat is best paired with bitter wines, like red wines.
  • The wine should be paired with the sauce rather than the meat.
  • White, Sparkling, and Rosé wines tend to pair differently with each other.
  • Red wines are usually paired well with other foods.

How To Select A Wine

It can appear like a daunting task to select a wine. When you don’t know much about wine, how do you choose a wine that tastes good? Which red wine is best?

Dry White Wine for Cooking

Pro tip: start off with a great quality grape originating from a certain place. Here are things that you should consider:

  • Know the flavors that you are a fan of.
  • Lookout for the type of wine you are considering.
  • Keep in the mind the occasion or the reason you’re buying the wine for
  • Are you going to pair it with food?
  • Read about light-bodied and full-bodied wines
  • Read the label for its origin, grape type, and other information
  • Check the varietal of the wine.

Wine Terminology

Terminology Perceive it as Description
Varietal Varieties of grapes used A wine that is manufactured using a single grape variety is known as a varietal wine. A wine must contain at least 85 percent of the wine grape listed on its label in order to be considered a varietal.
Aroma/Nose The smell of the wine The term “nose” refers to a wine’s aroma and bouquet.
Body The feels inside your mouth Simply put, the richness and weight of the wine in your mouth is the definition of a wine body.
Wine Blends These are made from a variety of grapes. Take, for instance, 80% Chardonnay and 20% Semillon.
Tannins The acidity of the wine Tannins, which basically refer to a wine’s dryness, bitterness, and astringency, are a crucial description for wine tasting. It is the opposite of the sweetness found in many white wines and is typically associated with red wine.
Color The appearance of the wine When swirling the wine inside a large glass, the color can be seen. You will only be able to see the obvious color at first, but over time, your ability will improve to distinguish subtle hues.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of wine do you use for cooking chicken?

Dry white wines are considered the best companions of chicken as they are light and do not interfere with the flavor of the chicken.

2. What white wine is best with chicken?

White wines like Pinot Noir, Sauvignon blanc, Chardonnay, Semillon, Marsanne, Viognier, or even a Roussanne are great at being a cooking ingredient in chicken.

3. Is dry white wine the same as cooking wine?

No, the dry white wine is flavourful and finer unlike cooking wine which is crafted in a way to add desirable flavor to food.

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