Horserace Drinking Game Rules And Gameplay

Horse Races are fun to watch and bet on. But do you know, it can be a drinking game too!

Well, horse Race is a fun drinking game that works well for four or five people who want to drink on a weekend night. Just that drinking isn’t as dull as it used to be. Let’s know more about it

What Is A Horse Race Drinking Game?

This game is based on the Horse Race, as the name suggests, but you bet on fake horses, which are Aces of Cards. All you need is a standard deck of cards, some beer bottles you can bet on, and a good-natured attitude from everyone playing.

Up to four people can play the game, and you can even have a fifth person act as the announcer. You’ll need a deck of cards and a table or other flat surface about the right size to play.

First, the announcer will look through the deck to find the ace cards. The horses are the four aces, which face up and start at one end of the table. The announcer will then put a row of face-down cards on the ground next to the horses.

When you’re done, it should look like a big L shape. Now, the players will decide which horse or ace they want. During this part of the game, there will likely be a lot of arguing, and the announcer may have to step in to help decide who gets which horse.

What You’ll Need To Play?

How To Play Horserace Drinking Game?

Horse Race Drinking Game

After setting up the horse race track, have the participants vote on who will lead the race.
Each player will bet on a different horse.
The race will continue when the leader flips the first card from the deck.
When all the horses have reached the first track, the first card from the seven-card course that hasn’t been turned over will be shown.
Every time all the horses move up a level on the 7-card course, the card that goes with that level will be shown.
The winner of the race will be the first horse to get past the last card.
Those who bet on the losing suit will have to drink their alcohol bet.

The Set-Up

  • The first step is to decide who will be the announcer. An announcer is usually a separate person from the rest of the game. This means that they are not in the race.
  • The announcer will then take the four aces from the deck and put them face-up at the end of the table. The horses are the aces in this game. After that, the announcer shuffles the cards and puts a row of cards next to the aces. This should look like a big L shape.
  • It doesn’t matter how many cards you put in a row, but try to use at least ten if you have room. The players will then choose their ace or horse.
  • If two or more players want the same ace, you can let the announcer decide or have a short drinking challenge.
  • Once you have chosen the horses, you can start playing.

Basic Rules

The announcer will turn over one card at a time from the row of cards that are face down. If the suit of your ace or horse is the same as the card, it can move up. When the last card is turned over, one of the aces or horses will have won.

Bets are where the fun starts. There are many ways to do this, but the easiest is for each player to bet on who they think will win the race. The first person to arrive will get to down three drinks.

This is one of the easiest ways to play, even though the losers will only get a small drink.

Rules And Gameplay

This game is designed to be fun! 
In a horse race, everyone chooses a horse and bets on it in a matter of seconds. You have to drink for the number of seconds you want to bet, which you can double and payout if your horse wins. You can decide as a group if there is a maximum bet.
After all the bets are made, the course is set up like in the picture below.
With all four aces as the horses, you start the game by turning over the next card in the deck. Whenever you turn the deck over and see a different suit, that horse moves forward one spot.
You turn the card over if all the horses get past a row on the course. No matter the card’s color, the horse moves one space back.
Play until one of the horses crosses the finish line. Then, the players who won can hand out their drinks.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you play horserace?

You can play the game with up to four people and have a fifth person be the announcer. You’ll need a deck of cards and a table or other flat surface that’s big enough to play on.

2. How do you play horse racing dice?

  • Roll the dice and add up how many points you get.
  • Move the horse one spot forward that goes with it.
  • If the player’s score is the same as one of the scratched horses, they should put one chip or coin into the pot.

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