Mario Party Drinking Game Rules And Gameplay

Just like classic versions of Mario party which never get old and also when all the versions, ranging from Nintendo to Switch, are getting better and better, I discovered that Mario party can be a fun-filled, drinking game too. Not sure what I am talking about? Here is the real deal! 

All About Mario Party Drinking Game

Mario party drinking is not just a game, it is a perfect combination to enjoy games along with getting drunk. In fact, Mario party superstars are always known for making competitive video games to be played with friends and family members.

Likewise, Mario party drinking games come with a set of rules and you need to collect the most number of stars or coins to win the game. 

This drinking game consists of some of your favorite characters such as Toad, Mario, Princess Peach, and Luigi. This game also includes items and there are certain sets of rules that apply when you use the items, items include Golden dash mushroom, poison mushroom, condo, golden pie, custom dice, and others. This game can drive you crazy while getting drunk with your friends. 

In the end, the game will tell you what place everyone ends up in. When the game is over you need to drink according to your place.

Whoever finished in 1st place can pick someone to take a shot. Whoever finished in 2nd place will take 2 drinks and there is no participation trophy. For the 3rd place finisher, the rule is to take 3 drinks, and for the 4th place finisher, the rule is to finish the drink.

What You Need To Play

Mario party drinking game

How To Set Up

Follow the given process to set up the Mario party game:-

  • Choose a normal game to start.
  • For the perfect amount of time, play with 20 turns.
  • Get your beer ready and shots on standby.
  • Start playing according to the rules or you can modify them as per your terms. 

How To Play

This game is a fun game and the rules are not complicated, if you want to be the winner then you need to have the most number of stars or coins.

The winners will be announced at the end of the game. Each player will take the drink according to their position. It means the 1st player will take 1 drink. The 2nd player will take 2 drinks. The 3rd player will take 3 drinks or one shot and the 4th player will take 4 drinks or 2 shots.  

Rules And Gameplay 

Time to know some drunk Mario party rules. These are some rules for landing in a certain space-

  • Hidden block space/ Bank space- Everyone else will get the drink except you if you landed on a bank space. 
  • Red space- Whoever landed will get 2 drinks.
  • Green space- Every player involved will get a drink.
  • Bowser space/ Bad luck space- Everyone will get 1 shot along with whoever landed in this space. 

Rules of the Mario party drinking game are best played on the traditional Mario party game type. You can roll separate dice for each player and the main goal is to buy, find and steal stars at the end. 

In fact, you will be awarded drinks and other things in the following different ways:-

Those who roll the lowest dice in total in each round will get a drink.
Those who roll a dice at 1.
Those who land on a browser space will get a drink.
Every time one gets a star everyone else gets a drink.
Those who don’t win the mini-games get a drink.
Those who land on a red space get a drink.
Those who make 100 coins will take a shot.
In duel mini-games, those who lose will get a shot
Those who check the map will get a drink
In the last 5 turns, drinks are doubled.
Those who get awarded the bonus stars will get a shot.

These are the main rules in this game. Pretty simple right!! Always remember that it is a fun game and it’s all about partying rather than winning. The main focus should be on spending quality time with your friends and family members rather than winning the game. 

Choosing The Best Character

  • Mario: The iconic hero, well-balanced and suitable for most players.
  • Luigi: Mario’s brother, often slightly different in abilities, adding variety to gameplay.
  • Yoshi: Agile and quick, ideal for players who want to move around the board swiftly.
  • Princess Peach: Versatile and well-rounded, offering a mix of skills and abilities.
  • Wario: Strong and occasionally mischievous, bringing a fun dynamic to the game.
  • Donkey Kong: Powerful and strategic, great for players who enjoy a more calculated approach.
  • Bowser: A challenge for those seeking a more difficult gameplay experience.
  • Toad: Quick and nimble, suitable for players who prefer a fast-paced style.


Play Mario party games and get drunk all at the same time. This game is all about fun and there are different ways to play this game. So overall this game is for having fun and obviously, it doesn’t need any specific skills. It’s all about having fun at parties without much worry about winning or losing. You can play this game during clubs, home parties, weekend nights, birthdays, and even on friends’ nights out. If you are drunk or remain sober, it depends on how you play it, and also playing it by following the set of rules is the best way. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Mario Party Superstars drinking game fun for adults?

Mario Party Superstars is rated for 3+. It is suitable for people of all age groups while Mario party is a party game, made for adults for having fun at parties. 

Q2.How do you play drunk Mario?

At the start, each player should have a can of beer/ liquor. Then players need to sip, drink or chug it when the light turns green and at the final lap. Whoever down the beer first and crosses the finish line wins the game. 

Q3.Is Mario Party Superstars a full game?

Yes, Mario party superstars is a full game consisting of a superstar collection of classic Nintendo 64 boards and has a lot of fun things to do. 

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