Top 12 Fun Outdoor Drinking Games For Night Parties- 2024

Outdoor drinking games are a terrific way to get your crew in gear for a backyard BBQ or family gathering or spice things up at the campground. And, I never miss out on listing some of my favorites as per the size of the group.

Not to mention, I also keep in mind, if the gathering involves family members or just friends with a party because you certainly wouldn’t like to end up in an embarrassing situation in front of elderly family members because of quirky rounds in games. So, my suggestion always filters out.

And so, Finding the best outdoor drinking game for your location and weather might be difficult, But, I will do the tough things and put up this comprehensive list for you already. Continue reading to find out more.

Top 12 Outdoor Drinking Games

Beersbee, AKA Beer Frisbee: Most Fun Outside Drinking Game

Number of participants: 2-4

You’ll need the following items:

Frisbee, two poles, and two empty bottles or cans

  • Beersbee is an all-year-round outdoor drinking game in which teams of up to 2 players each seek to use a frisbee to kick out an empty bottle or can of the other team’s pole.
  • Two poles 30-36 feet apart are required, as are two empty soda cans or bottles, one atop each pole.
  • Each team takes turns tossing the frisbee to knock the bottle or can off the opposing team’s pole, and points are rewarded for various acts.
  • Of course, because this is an outside drinking game, the “points” may be exchanged for alcohol.

Giant Outside Beer Pong Yard Drinking Game

The number of players is unlimited.

You’ll need 12 buckets and two tennis balls.

  • By supersizing everything, giant beer pong transforms one of the most popular drinking games into a truly entertaining outdoor activity.
  • Each side takes turns attempting to hurl a ball into buckets positioned in a triangle across from them in outdoor beer pong.
  • When your team takes a good shot, that bucket is removed, and the opposition team is forced to drink.
  • The side that gets the ball in all cups first wins.

Outdoor Drinking Game with Giant Jenga

The number of players is unlimited.

You’ll need 54 wood blocks (about 7″ x 2.5″ x 1.5″).

  • The gigantic yard Jenga drinking game adds a fun twist to the popular family game by making it much larger and allowing you to write your own unique rules or actions on the blocks.
  • When someone removes a block from the tower, they must not only follow the rules for putting the block on the tower’s top without toppling it over, but they must also follow the rule or action stated on the block.
  • • Completing your drink, completing somebody else’s drink, speaking in an accent, doing funky dance steps, and other rules or activities may be introduced to make this an exciting outdoor drinking game.
  • Many pre-made large Jenga sets are available, but many prefer to create their own by chopping up some 2 x 4s.

Beach Cornhole Drinking Game

Number of participants: 2-4

2 cornhole boards and 8 cornhole bags are required.

  • Cornhole, a popular backyard BBQ game, is an excellent beach or yard drinking game option.
  • Play cornhole as usual, except that you may allocate beverages for every point achieved at the end of a round or every hole-in-one that the other side scores.
  • This is a simple outdoor drinking game that new participants may learn fast.

Kan Jam: Outdoor Drinking Game For Team Active

No. of players- four.

You’ll need a frisbee and two Kan Jam Bins.

  • Kan Jam is much fun and one of the greatest yard-drinking games around, and it works in almost any situation or weather.
  • The Kan Jam bins are placed 50 feet apart by two teams, with one participant from each squad on each side of a bin.
  • Teams take turns attempting to get their frisbee into the bin by throwing it through the slot or redirecting another team member into the canister.
  • Points are earned depending on where the frisbee lands and how it enters the bin, which may be exchanged for beverages.
  • KanJam is a fun, active drinking game that can be played at the beach, in your garden, or even in the winter.

Spike balls – A Frenzied Yards Drinking Game

Number of Players: 2-4

Spikeball net and ball are required.

  • Spikeball is a fun outdoor drinking game for people of all skill levels.
  • Two teams of two players each play it, and the goal is to spike the ball into the circular net so that the other team cannot return it.
  • Points (or drinks) are awarded as each team “spikes” the other team.
  • This is a great beach or outdoor drinking game that is simple to put up and much fun.

Beer Darts

The number of players is unlimited.

You’ll need darts and an unopened can.

  • Beer darts may be played all four seasons outdoors, with two teams taking turns shooting darts at the opposite team’s beer can.
  • If the dart hits the can, points are given, and if the can is punctured, then defending team must complete the drink.
  • This game has several versions, including a circle of players, sitting or standing possibilities, and even putting two cans on each other.
  • The good news is that darts are inexpensive! Just watch where you toss them.

Golf Beer Pon

Number of participants: 2-4

You’ll need a putter, a golf ball, and a cutting mat.

  • This outdoor drinking game combines the old favorite of beer pong with a golf twist.
  • Each team has taken turns putting holes on the other side of the mat, and the mat has “plugs” to fill the holes once a putt is completed.
  • When the opposite team sinks a putt, the other team drinks.
  • The team that completes all putts first wins!

Ladder Golf

The number of players is two.

You’ll Need: A Ladder Golf Set

  • Ladder golf is a popular outdoor drinking game since it is simple to learn and play.
  • Each team takes turns hurling a bola or two golf balls connected by a rope at various ladder rungs.
  • You earn points by tying your bolas to the ladder, which you may award to the opposite team as drinking penalties.

High Noon Water Balloon

The number of players is two (per round)

Water balloons are required.

  • High noon is an easy summer drinking game: start with two players facing each other, walk five paces, then spin around and have a wild West-style battle!
  • When both players turn around, it’s a race to finish their drink, and when they complete, they get to hurl a water balloon at the other player.
  • The first player to get hit is out!

The Dizzy Bat

The number of players is unlimited.

You’ll need two bats (Wiffle Ball Bat or Baseball Bat)

  • Dizzy bat is a popular relay drinking game that can be played in groups and takes very little work to set up.
  • Each participant on each squad spins the bat five times before sprinting to a table to finish their drink. The player returns and tags their next partner, and the process begins again.
  • The team that finishes their drink and tags up first wins.

Eggs Roulette

Number of participants: 2-4

You’ll need a dozen eggs.

  • As things will become dirty, this is a fantastic outdoor drinking game.
  • Hard-boil all but one of the eggs in a dozen.
  • Then, each player breaks them on the forehead until one unfortunate player receives the uncooked egg.
  • You may set the rules that each hardboiled egg costs a drink or that the person who cracks the raw egg must complete their drink.
  • This game involves more planning, but the laughs are worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What to do when drinking outside?

Some Epic Outdoor drinking games are Eggs Roulette, The Dizzy Bat, Ladder Golf, Golf Beer Pong, Beer Darts, etc.,

Q2. What do adults play outside?

These outdoor games for adults will draw out everyone’s competitive side, from traditional childhood games like capture the flag and water balloon battles to games made better after a few drunken beers like a dizzy bat and flip cup. The greatest thing is that they can all be played at the beach, pool, or in your garden.

Q3. How do you play dizzy bat?

Dizzy bat is a drinking game in which the contestant chugs an entire beer out of the retaining end of a Wiffle ball bat. While one is chugging, the other participants count the seconds until the person finishes the beer.

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