Quarters Drinking Game Rules And Gameplay

Some say drinking games shouldn’t be complicated. After all, we are already trippy! So I thought, this time at my party, ill keep it light. A.a, not my vodka shots, but the fun drinking game. And here’s the game! Quarter-drinking game!

All About Quarters Drinking Game

Quarters is one of the most popular drinking games in the world, and for a good reason: it’s easy to learn, hard to master, and can be played just about anywhere. The main thing you do in Quarters has bounced a coin into a glass.

You can play Quarters if you have some pocket money, some glasses, and a lot of drinks. Due to its inherent adaptability, it has become a favorite among travelers and bartenders worldwide. It is the ideal game to play at a bar. No matter where you go, there’s a good chance someone is playing Quarters in one of the local bars.

Quarters is a fun drinking game that requires skill, like being able to bounce a quarter off a hard surface and into a glass. The more likely you are to drink, the worse you are at quarters.

The game is popular at parties, especially in U.S. and Canadian colleges and universities. The game is also called “Coinage” in South Africa.

What You Need To Play Quarters Drinking Game

How To Play A Quarter Drinking Game?

  • Set The Game Up. 

One normal cup, some alcohol, glasses to hold the drink, a table, and a quarter are all required. Players sit around the table, standing or sitting in seats. The milk glass should be placed in the middle of the table, at least 10 inches from each participant. 

  • Take Turns Shooting. 

Players take turns firing, working their way counterclockwise around the table. The goal is to bounce the quarter off the table and into the milk glass in the center.

  • During The Game, Use The “Change” Button.

The shooter passes the quarter to the next player after a miss. After a miss, the shooter might sometimes play “chance,” which offers them another shot. All that is required is for the shooter to mention “chance” after a miss.

  • Make Up Your Own Rules As You Go.

The beautiful thing about quarters is that they have a high replay value. If the shooter makes three consecutive shots, they are entitled to make up a rule. Rules should be innovative and enjoyable. A player who violates any of the regulations must drink the penalty drink.

The game’s goal is not to be a stickler but to enjoy the game and have fun.

Some made-up regulations include, but are not limited to, prohibiting the word “drink,” having a drink before each attempted shot, not using proper names, and so on.

  • Take On The Shooter.

If the shooter hits the top rim of the glass and misses the shot, the other players may challenge him. If the shooter misses again, they must drink one for each challenging player; however, if the shooter gets it in the glass, all challengers must drink.

  • Finish The Game

When a player is unable or unwilling to consume more alcoholic beverages, they are disqualified from the game.

How To Set Up Quarter Drinking Game

You will need one standard cup, some alcohol, cups to put the alcohol in, a table, and a quarter. Players sit or stand around the table, depending on how many there are.

The milk glass is put in the middle of the table, at least 10 inches from each player. Each person gets a cup, which they can fill with whatever alcohol they want. Most of the time, beer is used instead of hard liquor.

Rules And Gameplay Of Quarter Drinking Game

Put a full cup of beer or a shot of liquor in the middle of the table. The “penalty drink” is this.
Put two quarters and two goal cups in front of two players sitting on opposite sides of the court. You can use whatever you have on hand for the goal cups, but keep in mind that the shots get harder as the goals get smaller.
When a neutral person tells the players to start, you will try to get quarters into your goal cups by bouncing them. When a player makes a shot, they pass the cup to the next player in the circle, going clockwise.
The coins must bounce on their faces, not their edges, and each shot must bounce at least once for it to count.

Advanced Rules Of The Quarter Drinking Game

The Challenge Rule

Other players can challenge any “near miss” shots that bounce out of the glass or off the rim. The challenged player can ignore the challenge and keep playing as usual, or they can accept it and retake the shot. If the challenge shot goes in, everyone who is challenged must drink.

Three in a Row Rule

One of the most well-known rules for Quarters is the “three in a row” rule. A player can make one rule if they make three shots in a row without missing.

When someone breaks the rules, they have to take a drink. Every new rule takes the place of an old one. Rules shouldn’t be stupid or embarrassing. Instead, they should be creative and funny.

One Cup Rule

The one-cup rule works well for small groups or crowds that move slowly and don’t want to win. In this version, only one quarter and one goal cup are in play simultaneously.

Players take turns, and when they make a good shot, they pass to the left.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you play quarter quarters?

Each person can try to get the quarter into the glass. If the shooter hits the target, they pass the glass to someone else at the table, who then has to chug the drink and catch the quarter in their teeth.

2. What is that drinking game with 4 cups in a corner?

Corners is a simpler version of Beer Pong that adds a new skill: getting shots to bounce back.

3. How do you play quarters spinning?

The spinner drops the quarter. If the caller is correct, the first player must chug until the quarter stops. If a player calls wrong, the first player spins for them, and they must drink till the quarter stops.


The Thunderstruck drinking game is a pretty surefire way to get drunk. In the game, players get together and play a song with the same name. When someone says “Thunder,” one player starts drinking. This game is a great choice if you don’t want to deal with cards or bounce balls.

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