Rage Cage Drinking Game: Equipment & Rules

Drink, Strategize and Play! Sounds like a challenge? Well, that’s the real fun of the party!

Rage Cage is a very flexible game that lets you work together, race, and even play strategically. It is a drinking game that works well with a big group. In this fast-paced drinking game, people try to bounce ping-pong balls into a cup, usually a red Solo cup.

The game is a bit like Beer Pong and Civil War, but it is still very different. Since both games involve bouncing a ping-pong ball into a cup, usually a red solo cup, the main difference is that players don’t have to move like they are playing ping-pong. You must get a ball into a cup as fast as possible in this game or drink.

Equipment for playing rage cage drinking game

  • Table: It should be a round table.
  • Lots of beer
  • Red Solo Cup: Place between 20 and 30 red Solo cups in the middle of the table. Fill this with beer until it’s about a third full. One of the cups should be filled to the top with beer, which will be the king’s Cup.

How To Setup Rage Cage Drinking Game

First, you should put the cups in a circle. The cups should either touch or be close enough to touch. Except for the Cup in the middle of the circle, each Cup should only be half full of beer. This is the last Cup, and it should be filled to the top.

Once this is done, the players should line up in a row in front of the table. The first to play will be the two people in the middle. Make sure each player has a ping-pong ball ready to bounce, and then you can start.

The number of cups taken by each player ranges from twenty to thirty.
Please place them in the middle of a round table with at least a third of the way full of beer.
Take another cup and fill it with beer to make it the middle Cup.
Spread everyone evenly around the table, and pick two people to start the game. Each person gets a ping-pong ball.
At the start of the Rage Cage, you hear “3, 2, 1.”
After “1,” the two people with the ping-pong balls choose a cup near them, drink the beer, and try to jump their balls quickly into the empty Cup.
As soon as they do this, they pass the trophy and the ball to the next player in a clockwise direction.
This keeps going until one player gets their trophy while the next is still jumping.
When this happens, the player stacks his mug on top of the next one, and the player who lost turns his stack clockwise, picks a new mug, drinks the beer, and keeps playing.
When all of the cups have been used, the game is over. 
Try for the First Time If a player gets it on their first try, they can give it to anyone at the table except someone who is still jumping.
The player should drink this mug, stack it on top of the last one, and try to keep putting it on top of the pile.

Rules And Gameplay 

Rage Cage is a fun game because the goal is always to win, but there can be a winning team or a winning player or players. If you play by the second set of rules, the player who drinks the fewest beers is the winner.  But if you play as a team, everyone wins when you finish all the beers. 

The first player tries to get the ball into their empty glass by bouncing it.
It would help if you kept in mind that there are no turns. So go as quickly as you can.
Hold the ball and try again if it goes past the glass.
When the ball goes into the Cup, the player can pass the Cup and ball to the next player in a clockwise direction.
Now it’s the turn of the next player to do the same thing if the same player gets both cups and balls simultaneously.
Then they lose that round.
Each full Cup should be taken off the line and swallowed.
Now, they pick two other players to start the next round.
This keeps going until all of the cups are used up.
If the people playing the Rage Cage drinking game want to spice things up, they can add a final cup.
They put as much as possible in this Cup, and the last person to lose a round has to drink it all.
This game is best played as a warm-up because it can be quite a drink, especially if you move slowly.
Therefore, kids have to drink healthily.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you play the drinking game Rage Cage?

The first two people to play take the Cup closest to them and drink from it. Then, they quickly try to bounce their ping-pong ball into their empty Cup. Once a player gets a ball into their empty Cup, they pass the Cup and ball to the next player in a clockwise direction. It’s a drinking game that works well when there are many people. While drinking, people try to bounce ping-pong balls into a cup, usually a red Solo cup.

2. Is Rage Cage the same as a stacking cup?

The drinking game Stack Cup is a lot like Rage Cage in many ways. Many people even think that the two games are the same. But despite some similarities, the two games are not the same in important ways. In some ways, Stack Cup is also like King’s Cup and even Beer Pong. Even though it can be played with more than a dozen people, it works best with a smaller group.

3. What is a Rage Cage table?

In Rage Cage, two people always play at the same time. They stand on opposite sides of the table. Both players take a drink from the Cup in front of them simultaneously. When they are done drinking, they put their empty cups on the table in front of them. Now, they must use a ping-pong ball to hit the empty Cup.

Rage Cage isn’t your typical drinking game with a Solo cup and ping-pong ball because players have to bounce the ball into their Cup as quickly as possible, or they have to drink. It is a drinking game that works well with a big group.

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