What Wine Goes With Pork

Pork becomes one of the most important items for all your fancy dinners. Pork is a versatile food that goes well with a variety of red wines. Pork is a relatively fatty meat, therefore you …

What Wine Goes With Pork

Pork becomes one of the most important items for all your fancy dinners. Pork is a versatile food that goes well with a variety of red wines. Pork is a relatively fatty meat, therefore you should serve it with a wine that has a medium body and high acidity. Additionally, the fat in red wine will help counteract the tannins. 

15 Best Wines To Pair With Pork

When creating a dinner where pork roast is the headliner, there are many things to take into account. The choice of wine to go with the pork should be made with the utmost care. You must be thinking what wine goes with pork?

Since each meat cut has a unique flavour profile, there are many alternatives or combining wines with a pig roast.

  • In general, heavier slices of pork, such as ham shoulder or pork butt, go nicely5 with medium- to light-bodied red wines; the more acidic the wine, the better.
  • Additionally, you should search for reds with savoury over strongly fruity flavours.
  • Leaner cuts, such as those from pig loin, go well with both light- to medium-bodied reds and white wines.

The following 15 wine and pork pairing suggestions will help you create a supper menu that your guests will want to eat again and again:

1. Classic Pork Roast And Merlot

 This modest red wine complements the taste of this dish because it uses a fattier cut of pork. In addition to acidic fruit and earthy undertones, a Merlot grown in a cool climate has a more savoury flavour. It pairs beautifully with roasted veggies and pork.

2. Sweet And Tangy Pork And Gewurztraminer

The rich tastes of sweet and acidic pork blend perfectly with the Gewurztraminer’s intensely fragrant aromas. The wine has a faint sweetness from the remaining sugar, which melds well with the sauce’s sweetness. Additionally, the sourness of the roast and sauce pairs well with this spice-driven white wine.

3. Herb Gravy Pork Tenderloin Roast And Pinot Grigio

The versatility of pinot Gris allows it to complement a range of pork meals. The dry wine’s great acidity and lighter body make it the perfect complement to the tenderloin’s more delicate flavour in general.

Pinot Grigio has a delicate fruit note that brings out the flavour of the gravy’s savoury herbs. It is also faintly flowery and spritz.

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4. Pork And Malbec

Stuffed pork loin pairs well with Malbec. It pairs well with pork thanks to its delicious notes of plum and berries, especially when served with a red sauce. Argentinian Malbec tends to be less tannic and more fruit-forward, which will enhance the sweetness of the dish.

5. Pork And Carmenere 

Pork fajitas or grilled pork chops go very well with Carmenere. The herbaceous and green qualities will give your dish a warm flavour, and the wine’s good tannic structure will aid in breaking down the fattier hog components.

6. Maple Green Apple Pork Loin Roast And Chablis

A pork loin roast with maple syrup and tart green apple pairs well with the naturally sour Chablis. Citrus flavours are prominent in this minerally wine, which gives the dish’s taste profile some zing and welcome contrast.

7. Albariño With Pork

What Wine Goes With Pork

The fattiest parts of your pork dish, such as pork belly, pair wonderfully with the dry, high-acid white wine from Spain known as Albarino. If that’s not enough, the meal has a pleasing sauciness from the lemon and grapefruit flavours of the Albarino.

8. Moscato d’Asti With Pork With Mustard

Lightly sweet and fizzy Moscato d’Asti is a fantastic complement if you like to prepare your pork with a mustard-based sauce. The wine’s sweetness, aromas, and bubbles complement the mustard’s peppery bite so that neither flavour overpowers the other.

9. Sauvignon Blanc With Herbed Pork

Sauvé Blanc which is dry and herbal goes well with grilled pork. The wine’s grassy flavour will complement the herbs in the dish, and its acidity will counterbalance the fattiness.

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10. Pork And Syrah 

If you’re going to treat yourself to pork tenderloin, you’d better drink a special red wine with it. And it would be none other than Syrah, which is robust and fruity. All you need next to your pork tenderloin is a wine with a big body, moderately high tannin content, and acidity.

11. Sausages And Pork With Beaujolais (Red)

Because sausages are simple, enjoyable food, you want the wine you serve them to have similar characteristics. This is why Beaujolais works so well, and it can also withstand some heavy sausage spice.

12. Pulled Pork And Young Rioja

Pulling the fat from a rich, Smokey pork meal like pulled pork requires a wine with a lot of freshness. The ideal wine for the job is a young rioja with its strawberry fruit flavours, soft tannins, and vanilla finish.

13. Pork Belly And German Riesling

Because pork belly is a highly fatty dish, you should drink acidic wine to keep your tongue feeling good and fresh. This is abundantly present in dry German Rieslings, which have powerful peach flavours that can withstand the robust flavour of belly pork.

14. Vidiano, Cretan Wine With Pork

The Italian wine Vidiano pairs well with meat. The grape is well-liked in Crete due to its medium body, acidity, and smooth texture in addition to its flavour. Here, you’ll also adore the scents and flavours of lemons, apricots, and peaches.

15. Pork With Loire Cabernet Franc (Red)

What Wine Goes With Pork

A Loire cabernet franc is a red wine that can be cooled and is ideal for a picnic. Its light body, mild acidity, and refreshing finish complement the fattiness of pork beautifully.

Therefore, there are countless alternatives for the ideal wine and pig roast pairing, including sweet glazes, acidic sauces, and earthy roasts with pan juices.

Can you drink white wine with roast pork?

The basic rule of thumb when selecting a wine to pair with a pig is to go for a rich, full-bodied white wine or a juicy, fruit-forward red wine, which will complement the subtle sweetness that this meat typically possesses.

Although most roast pork recipes go better with white wine than red, people instinctively tend to associate red wine with roasts.

Beyond the suckling pig, roast pork can withstand a little stronger wine, but plump, luscious fruit and crisp acidity should typically work better than the kind of tannic heavyweight that may pair with deeper red meat like steak.

For fans of white wine, grilled pork with herbs like oregano or marjoram can be a perfect pairing with Condrieu [Viognier]. Some varieties of white Rioja pair well with roast pork.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you drink red or white wine with pork?

You can drink either a rich, full-bodied white wine or a juicy, fruit-forward red wine with pork. 

2. What red wine goes well with roast pork?

Roast pork goes well with a red wine with good acidity and a fruity flavour, such as a Malbec or Beaujolais

3. What wine pairs with BBQ pork ribs?

Stick with red wines like red zinfandel and merlot that have vibrant berry aromas, pronounced acidity, and moderate tannins when paired with barbecued pork ribs.

4. Does Chardonnay go with pork?

Yes, Chardonnay is a great wine that pairs well with various sorts of pork, including roast pork. It goes very well with apple-glazed pork tenderloin.

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