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Please read this page carefully, as it contains important information about our submission requirements, how we handle them, and the kinds of work we welcome.

What We Look for 

Guest posts that do well tend to be in-depth, informational, engaging, and instructive. If you want your post to appear on our site, you need to make sure it:

  • It is an article (ideally 1000 words) that answers a specific question and provides useful advice.
  • The article hasn’t been published anywhere and consists of entirely new material. Nothing that has already appeared elsewhere will be published again by us.
  • Only provide evidence-based statements with supporting references. Please don’t reference any of our rivals or include promotional links to websites that aren’t directly related to ours.
  • Don’t forget to include supporting evidence by way of examples and illustrations. Don’t use generic stock photographs if they don’t enhance the text. Data, information, processes, concepts, and frameworks may all be visualized with the help of pourwinebar.com.
  • It should be easier to read because of the use of subheadings, bullet points, and shorter paragraphs.

Topics We Cover

Our readers are mostly people who work in teams across various business divisions and seek resources to help them improve their visual communication and collaboration skills. We only accept clear, appealing material that fits into the following areas. We want to establish a trustworthy library of knowledge and insights clients can use to enhance and expedite their processes.

  • Content related to Wine
  • Storage Process of Wine
  • Various types of Wine
  • Issues and Fixes about Wine
  • Branded Wine and there Packaging
  • Variety Grape Profiles
  • Recipes with Wine
  • Organic and Inorganic Wine

We recommend reading through our previously published blog posts to learn more about the themes, content layouts, language, and tone we value.

The Benefits

  • Widespread visibility

Every month, the blog’s readership grows by about 100k people. We also publish all of the best pieces in our monthly newsletter, increasing the chances that a broader audience will see and share your work.

  • Social Media Exposure

We’re always posting updates and engaging with followers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. To get your articles more views, we will distribute them via various channels.

  • Payments

Remember that we cannot compensate you for your writing. Professional writers confident in their ability to produce high-quality articles for us are encouraged to get in touch with examples of their work.

Submission Guidelines

  • To be published on pourwinebar.com, submissions must be up to par with the quality requirements set out by the pourwinebar.com content team. Contributions may be rejected or edited at the discretion of the editors.
  • Your submission ought to be at least a thousand words long and provide useful information for our audience.
  • You’re limited to only one connection that benefits you. Include a link to your site or any social media outlet and a link to a relevant, useful resource (such as a blog post) in the author bio (dofollow link). The pourwinebar.com blog allows you to connect to related posts that may provide more insight. But try not to connect too much. In most cases, less is more regarding the number of links.
  • Any external links posted must be appropriate for our blog. No dating services, search engine optimization firms, credit-related sites, etc. links, please.
  • Once anything has been posted on our site, it cannot be posted elsewhere, not on your blog.
  • Visuals like photos and videos are highly recommended to pique the reader’s interest in the material.
  • Images must have a width of 580 pixels or less. Please include them in a separate email or file.
  • Be careful not to infringe on any copyrights while utilizing photos. Make sure credit is given where it is due.
  • Gantt charts use the diagrams from our diagram community when more technical diagrams are needed, like flowcharts.

Consider These When You Write for Us

After much deliberation, we’ve decided to allow guest posts so that our audience and business partners may benefit from the exposure. We like to collaborate with actual individuals rather than with SEO firms. Before giving us your story, we ask that you familiarise yourself with our staff. In addition to reading our posts, please consider following us on various social media platforms. Your odds of being published will skyrocket as a result of this.

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Every month, we average between fifty and one hundred contributions. That being said, you shouldn’t bother the editor with emails inquiring as to the status of your work. If your piece is chosen, we will contact you.

We realize this is a lengthy form and that our conditions may seem excessive, but we’ve included them to cut down on spam entries. I’m anticipating reading some fantastic pieces. If we decide to publish your piece, we will contact you to go through the next stages and any other information we want.