How Many Bottles In A Case Of Wine- 2024

When you buy a case of wine, you get 12 bottles of wine with 750ml wine in each one of them. But, there are several ways to figure out the count of bottles of wine in a case.

However, the total quantity of wine in a case depends on different factors, including the size and capacity of each bottle. 

Normally, a case of wine includes 12 bottles of 750ml each, thus containing 9 liters of wine in total. If you are planning a party or movie night with your friends, you must be certain of how much wine you buy in a case. Read on to learn more about the number of bottles and total wine quantity wine in a single case. 

How Many Bottles In A Half Case Of Wine?

One of the popular wine bottle sizes is the 300 ml bottle, sometimes called a half-bottle. A case of half-bottle wine contains six bottles of wine that only serve for a single serving.

They are usually similar in appearance and capacity to the traditional 375 ml bottles. Usually, those not in for long hours of drinking buy half cases as they have a total of 2.25 liters of wine. when it comes to purchasing a half case, you should consider whether you need this much quantity since it may be easily affordable or difficult to maintain during storage over time.

While some individuals buy a smaller amount to save money, others only buy the full amount so they can utilize the wine in their dining rooms and party nights.

How Many Bottles In A Case Of Champagne?

As champagne generally comes in cases of 6 bottles, you would order 5 cases of champagne.

You can buy champagne in just about every size or type of quantity. For example, the standard champagne case includes six bottles built in a thick and hard structure.

Generally, champagne bottles are quite large and bulky, so they can withstand extreme pressure.  

An important thing to note about champagne is that it comes in the 750 ml version, which is quite different from the 375 ml bottles used for white wine. Amateur buyers often buy a case of champagne because of the high quality associated with this brand. However, this type of wine is susceptible to pressure and needs to be handled carefully. 

The price is also higher compared to other wines; thus, you can expect only a few people to buy it as part of their regular use. However, the bottle shape of champagne has long been standard across different brands, and you will notice only a slight difference.

How Much Does A Case Of Wine Weight?

The total weight of the wine in a standard case of 12 bottles is approx 9 liters or 2.4 gallons. However, the weight of a wine case also changes as you shift to other categories of alcohol.

While the standard weight of a single wine bottle is 750 ml, some special wines have an entirely different packing. For example, split wine bottles weigh around 187.5 ml each as they are split in half and serve only for a glass of single champagne.

The shape and size of different wine bottles vary as per their style and the winery. 

  • Half bottle: 375 ml
  • Jeroboam: 3 liters
  • Magnum: 1.5 liters
  • Imperial: 6 liters

The conventional 750 ml bottles are commonly used in red wines and available in single pieces.

Thus you can easily find a single bottle of red wine in your local store. However, some traditional and high-end wines are only available in case bulk. So, make sure to check it out before going to buy any premium quality wine. 

How Many Gallons Is a Case of Wine?

A case of wine typically contains 12 bottles and each bottle contains 750 milliliters, which is equivalent to about 25.4 fluid ounces or 0.75 liters. So a case of wine contains about 9 liters or about 2.37 gallons.

How Many Cases Should You Buy?

Counting cases of wine is indeed a matter of pouring wine glasses without setting any limit especially when its huge event of wedding parties. But, knowing how many bottles are in a case of wine is about doing your math right!. Considering which, you may consider a quick method of calculation shared below:

Consider party duration and number of guest

Knowing the count of guests and duration of the party can help you suffice the number of cases. For Instance, if you are inviting 1000 guests X 4 hours X 1 glass/hour = 400 glasses.

Equalize Guest Wine Choice With Drinking Capacity By Dividing with 5 

After finalizing the count of 400 glasses, its time to divide and rule the drinks. This means that If you understand the drinking capacity of your choice and their choice of wine, you can lead the party honorably. Let’s continue the above example:

With 400 glasses ready on table, divide it by five glasses, which means: 400/5=80 bottles of wine which can  further divided into 2 types (white wine and ride wine), hence, 40 bottles of each wine type is ready to be served

Divide by 12 To Count The Case 

Now when you have 80 bottles of wine, you may now further divide it by a standard case which is 12 which would  bring up the requirement of approx 7 cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it cheaper to buy a case of wine?

Yes, buying a case of wine is much cheaper than buying an individual bottle. However, you must note that cases are numerous while bottles are few.

Therefore, the price of a case may vary according to how much quantity you buy and where you buy it from.

2. How much is a full case of wine?

A full case of wine can be considered between 300 to 300 ml bottles of wine, costing about 6-12 bottles.

If you pay the exact price, you will pay $23-$47 per bottle, depending on where you buy it. The price may also vary according to the brand and type of wine.

3. How many are 1.5 l bottles in a case of wine?

Cases of 1.5 liters are usually sold in 12-bottle cases and cost about $20-$40 per bottle as it is a bulk form of wine.

However, buying from a wholesaler will cost less than $20 per bottle as bulk deals are offered for such products in bulk form only.

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