12 Best 18 And Up Bars In San Jose

San Jose, a city renowned for its vibrant and diverse nightlife, offers an array of exciting options for those eager to explore after the sun sets. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor looking to experience the city’s energetic vibe, there are plenty of 18 and up bars in San Jose that promise a fantastic time.

From live music and dance floors to cozy spots with delicious food and drinks, San Jose has something for everyone. In this guide, we’ll take you through the best 18 and up bars in San Jose, ensuring your night out is filled with unforgettable moments and new connections. Get ready to discover where the party starts and the fun never ends!

Lido’s Nightclub

Lido’s Nightclub is a lively spot perfect for anyone who loves live music and dancing. The dual clubbing spaces, including a ballroom upstairs, add to its charm. The staff here is friendly and attentive, ensuring you have a fantastic time. Once you enter, the infectious music will make it impossible to stay seated.


  • Monday to Friday: 4 PM to 12 AM
  • Saturday and Sunday: 4 PM to 1:30 AM

Must-Try: AMF drinks

Things to Do:

  • Groove to live music
  • Sip on signature AMF drinks
  • Dance the night away

Prices: $30 to $40
Ratings: 4.6/5

Personal Touch: Imagine stepping into Lido’s on a Saturday night, the room buzzing with energy. The DJ spins your favorite tracks, and you feel the bass in your bones. Friends and strangers alike are dancing, laughing, and making memories. You grab an AMF drink, and it’s like a party in a glass—sweet, strong, and everything you need for a perfect night.

Poor House Bistro

Nestled close to the San Jose Train Station, Poor House Bistro offers a blend of great food, music, and a welcoming vibe. This spot is a local favorite and a must-visit for tourists looking to experience San Jose’s nightlife. The bistro’s lively atmosphere is perfect for meeting new people and enjoying delicious southern-style cuisine.


  • Sunday: 11 AM to 7 PM
  • Tuesday: 5 PM to 8 PM
  • Wednesday to Thursday: 5 PM to 9 PM
  • Friday: 5 PM to 10 PM
  • Saturday: 12 PM to 10 PM

Must-Try: Crawfish Pasta, Bread Pudding, Beer, Muffaleta

Things to Do:

  • Savor mouth-watering food and drinks
  • Socialize and make new friends
  • Party with a lively crowd

Prices: $40 to $50
Ratings: 4/5

Personal Touch: Picture yourself at Poor House Bistro on a warm Friday night. The patio lights twinkle as you dig into a plate of Crawfish Pasta, the rich flavors dancing on your tongue. The band plays a jazzy tune, and the crowd sways along. You strike up a conversation with a group of locals, and soon, you’re all laughing and planning your next meet-up.

Vintage Wine Bar

Located at Santana Row, Vintage Wine Bar offers both indoor and outdoor seating, making it a cozy spot year-round. The staff here is known for their hospitality, ensuring you feel right at home. Whether you visit during the day or evening, you’re in for a treat with their extensive wine selection and tasty bites.


  • Monday to Saturday: 11:30 AM to 10 PM
  • Sunday: 11:30 AM to 9 PM

Must-Try: Camembert, Ravioli, Wine

Things to Do:

  • Enjoy signature cocktails
  • Meet new people and make friends

Prices: $30 to $40
Ratings: 4.3/5

Personal Touch: Imagine a sunny afternoon at Vintage Wine Bar. You’re seated outside, sipping a crisp glass of Sauvignon Blanc. The air is filled with laughter and the clinking of glasses. Your plate of ravioli arrives, and it’s so delicious you can’t help but smile. A friendly conversation with the neighboring table turns into an impromptu wine-tasting session, making your visit even more memorable.

Music Tunnel KTV Cafe

Music Tunnel KTV Cafe is a karaoke lover’s paradise. With private rooms equipped with disco lights, touch displays, and top-notch sound systems, it’s the perfect place for a night of singing and fun. Whether you’re belting out your favorite songs or enjoying delicious snacks, Music Tunnel guarantees a good time.


  • Sunday: 2 PM to 12 AM
  • Monday and Tuesday: 3 PM to 2 AM
  • Thursday: 12:30 PM to 2 AM
  • Friday and Saturday: 3 PM to 2 AM

Must-Try: Fried Chicken Wings, Fried Pork

Things to Do:

  • Sing your heart out in private karaoke rooms
  • Chill with friends over tasty bites
  • Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere

Prices: $60 to $80
Ratings: 5/5

Personal Touch: Envision entering Music Tunnel KTV Cafe with a group of friends. You choose a private room, the disco lights start flashing, and the music fills the air. You grab the mic and sing your favorite song, laughing and cheering each other on. The Fried Chicken Wings are a perfect snack between songs, making the night even more enjoyable.

The Brit – Sports Pub and Patio

The Brit is a go-to spot for sports lovers and night owls. With multiple screens showing the latest games, a lively karaoke scene, and various night activities, it’s always buzzing with excitement. The friendly staff ensures everyone has a great time, making it a popular choice for both locals and visitors.


  • Sunday to Thursday: 12 PM to 10 PM
  • Friday to Saturday: 12 PM to 2 AM

Must-Try: Chicken and Fish Tacos

Things to Do:

  • Watch your favorite sports
  • Enjoy karaoke nights
  • Participate in fun activities

Prices: $50 to $60
Ratings: 4.8/5

Personal Touch: Imagine a Friday night at The Brit. The place is packed with enthusiastic sports fans. You cheer for your team while enjoying a plate of fish tacos. As the game ends, the karaoke starts, and you take the stage to belt out a classic hit. The crowd’s applause makes you feel like a rockstar, and the night feels just right.

Back Bar

Back Bar is slightly off the beaten path but offers one of the best nightlife experiences in San Jose. Known for its local DJs, spacious dance floor, and vibrant ambiance, it’s a must-visit for anyone looking to dance the night away.


  • Tuesday to Wednesday: 7 PM to 12 AM
  • Thursday to Friday: 7 PM to 1:30 AM

Must-Try: Niebe Thies with Tofu, Yucca Fries

Things to Do:

  • Dance to the beats of local DJs
  • Enjoy a variety of food and drinks
  • Meet interesting people

Prices: $30 to $67
Ratings: 4.3/5

Personal Touch: Picture yourself at Back Bar on a Friday night. The DJ is spinning tunes that make it impossible not to dance. The lights flash, the crowd moves, and you’re right in the middle of it all. Between dances, you grab some Niebe Thies with Tofu and Yucca Fries, refueling for another round on the dance floor.

San Jose Bar & Grill

San Jose Bar & Grill is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy a variety of drinks and a lively atmosphere. Known for its special DJ events, it’s a hotspot for nightlife enthusiasts.


  • Friday to Saturday: 9 PM to 2 AM

Must-Try: Shrimp Tacos, Moscow Mule, Hot & Crispy Calamari

Things to Do:

  • Attend exciting DJ events
  • Watch sports on TV screens
  • Enjoy a great selection of drinks

Prices: $50 to $60
Ratings: 4/5

Personal Touch: Imagine a Saturday night at San Jose Bar & Grill. The DJ is playing an amazing set, and you’re sipping a Moscow Mule while watching the crowd dance. The shrimp tacos arrive, and they’re a delicious addition to the evening. The vibe is electric, and you feel right at home.

Club Milano

Club Milano offers a diverse menu and a spacious dance floor, making it a great place to unwind after a long day. Whether with friends or family, you’ll enjoy the lively ambiance and friendly crowd.


  • Friday: 9 PM to 2 AM
  • Sunday: 8 PM to 12 AM

Must-Try: Beer, Cocktails

Things to Do:

  • Dance with your friends
  • Enjoy karaoke sessions
  • Savor delicious food and drinks

Prices: $20 to $50
Ratings: 4.7/5

Personal Touch: Envision a relaxing Sunday evening at Club Milano. You’re with friends, the music is great, and the dance floor is calling. After dancing, you enjoy a refreshing cocktail, chatting and laughing with your group. The night feels like a perfect end to the weekend.

Club Rodeo Rio

Club Rodeo Rio is a unique spot offering Mexican Country music and live Latin performances. The classy and cool ambiance is perfect for dancing and relaxing with your favorite drink.


  • Friday to Saturday: 9 PM to 2 AM
  • Sunday: 9 PM to 1:30 AM

Must-Try: Tacos, Quesadillas, Hotdogs

Things to Do:

  • Dance to Mexican Country music
  • Enjoy live Latin performances
  • Meet new people

Prices: $40 to $60
Ratings: 4.9/5

Personal Touch: Imagine a Saturday night at Club Rodeo Rio. The live band plays a catchy Latin tune, and the dance floor is full of happy dancers. You grab a plate of tacos and a cold drink, savoring the flavors while soaking in the vibrant atmosphere. The night is full of laughter, music, and unforgettable moments.

NOVA Downtown San Jose

NOVA Downtown is designed with care, featuring great artwork and a perfect setup for partying all night. Known for its top-notch security, it’s a safe and fun spot for a night out.


  • Thursday to Saturday: 7 PM to 1:30 AM

Must-Try: Cocktails, Shrimp Ceviche

Things to Do:

  • Plan a birthday or bachelor party
  • Enjoy exotic food
  • Dance with friends

Prices: $30 to $50
Ratings: 4/5

Personal Touch: Envision stepping into NOVA Downtown on a Friday night. The art on the walls catches your eye, and the music sets the tone for an amazing night. You and your friends dance, laugh, and enjoy the delicious shrimp ceviche. The night feels safe and vibrant, making it one to remember.

Mike’s Place

Located on Camden Avenue, Mike’s Place is perfect for fun activities like pool, darts, and live music. It’s a great spot for both locals and tourists looking for a relaxed yet lively evening.


  • Monday to Sunday: 10 AM to 12 AM

Must-Try: Hotdogs, Cocktails, Wines

Things to Do:

  • Enjoy live music on Friday nights
  • Participate in karaoke on Saturday nights
  • Chill at the full bar

Prices: $20 to $45
Ratings: 4.5/5

Personal Touch: Picture a Saturday night at Mike’s Place. You’re playing darts with friends, the sound of live music fills the air, and the atmosphere is relaxed yet fun. You enjoy a hotdog and a cocktail, and as the karaoke starts, you take the mic and have a blast singing your favorite song.

Opal Social Club

Opal Social Club is known for its VIP tables, attentive staff, and fantastic ambiance. The live music, good food, and drinks make it a popular choice for nightlife enthusiasts.


  • Friday to Saturday: 9 PM to 1:30 AM

Must-Try: Jello Shots, Fried Chicken Wings, Hamburgers

Things to Do:

  • Drink and dance the night away
  • Listen to top DJs

Prices: $30 to $60
Ratings: 4/5

Personal Touch: Imagine a Friday night at Opal Social Club. The place is buzzing with energy, and you’re enjoying a jello shot while listening to a fantastic DJ set. The fried chicken wings are a hit, and you’re surrounded by friends, dancing and laughing. The night feels special, filled with music and joy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can 18-year-olds go clubbing in the USA? Yes, although drinking and smoking are prohibited for those under 21, many clubs in the USA allow 18-year-olds. However, each club has its own rules and policies.

Q2. Is San Jose good for partying? Absolutely! San Jose is a top party destination, with bars and clubs open throughout the week, offering special events like ladies’ nights, exotic food, and drinks.

Q3. Can you go to clubs at 18 in Canada? Yes, some clubs in Canada allow 18-year-olds. Here are a few options:

  • Fortune Sound Club
  • Guilt and Company
  • The Roxy
  • Celebrities Nightclub
  • Bar None Nightclub

We hope this guide helps you find the perfect 18 and up bar in San Jose for a fun night out. Make sure to book your reservation in advance for a hassle-free experience. Enjoy your night out!

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