What Wine Goes With Ham- Updated 2024

Imagine a scrumptious dinner for your guests tonight with black forest ham and other dishes, but not a perfect wine. Would kill the mood, right? As a wine lover, I cannot imagine a ham steak or ham with spicy mustard without wine. The main reason why you need to pair it with a glass of wine is to blend the smoky and rich flavour of the meat with the earthy and fruity flavour of the wine. 

Do you want to know which wine goes with ham – red or white? I would say, both! Both these wine works finely with the rich flavour and smooth texture of ham. If you are curious about which brand to serve, we have got you covered. 

What Red Wine Goes With Ham?

Honestly, the answer to which wine goes with ham lies in your own personal taste. So, if you have chosen red wine, this section will fill you in on all the necessary details about good wine. Want to win over your guests tonight? Follow the list of best red wines to pair up with ham.

Pinot Noir
wine pairing with ham

Pinot Noir is one of the best aromatic red wines of all time and works finely with ham due to its subtle dark fruit and floral flavour that beautifully pairs with the rich texture of any preparation of ham and doubles its taste. This wine contains delicate flavours, so you need not worry about it overshadowing your main dish with ham. If you are preparing smoked ham, this wine will be the best to pair it up for its elegant sweet flavour that will beautifully blend in with the ham. 

wine pairing with ham

Looking for a sweeter red wine? This wine can be an excellent choice for you. Zinfandel constitutes a sweet fruity flavour with a silky texture that pairs fantastically with a grilled or dark roasted ham. The wine will not only blend in with the rich flavours of ham but will also help in toning down the smoky flavour of dark forest ham. 

wine pairing with ham

You might not get that much of an aromatic essence like Pinot Noir, but the wine primarily focuses on ripe cherry fruit flavours. This wine has often been termed the chameleon for its ability to blend in with any kind of flavour beautifully. It offers a wide range of tastes from fruity to rustic depending on the dish you choose. 

wine pairing with ham

Rose is apparently the best wine to be paired up with ham if you are opting for a juicier texture of the meat. The fruity essence of this wine brings out the best taste of the ham without any overpowering scent. 

wine pairing with ham

Originating from Northern Italy, Lambrusco is a red sparkling wine with a super refreshing and fruity flavour. This red is perfect to be served with ham as the rich flavour of ham will blend purely with the sweeter texture of the wine without overshadowing each other. 

What White Wine Goes With Ham?

White wine finely works with different dishes of ham, not to mention how both the wine and ham complement each exquisitely well. 

Do you know that white wine is always the go-to choice for many who are looking for some top-notch balance between ham and wine? Now that you have an idea about red wine, let us help you choose some of the best white wines that can be a great addition to your shelf!

Sparkling wine
wine pairing with ham

Sparkling wine goes best with fatty and rich dishes due to its chill and light texture that serves as the perfect source of refreshment. They bring about a very elegant look to the overall dish prepared. This wine is also a great choice if you preparing ham for a Christmas or easter dinner. This wine goes best with ham egg benedict and will make you go gaga over the taste.

wine pairing with ham

Looking for a premium classic choice of wine? Chardonnay tops the list here. It is the go-to choice for many food enthusiasts when looking for white wine. Not only ham, but it also fantastically blends with lobster, salmon, shellfish and crab. You can go with the buttery oaked chardonnay which has a vibrant flavour and will surely bring out the best flavours of your meal.

Sauvignon Blanc
wine pairing with ham

Originating from the Marlborough region, this aromatic white wine has an impeccable blend of herbal and crispy flavour that finely works with juicy ham. The wine is widely popular for its subtle grassy flavour that brings out an extraordinary essence and compliments the rich flavours of ham by bringing a balance to the fattiness.

Chenin blanc
wine pairing with ham

Ham, being full of sweet and salty textures, needs wines alongside that would compliment its unique flavour. So, it is always best to pair ham up with wines like Chenin blanc, which contains fruity and acidic textures to work finely with the bold and rich flavours of wine. 

Dry Riesling
wine pairing with ham

If you are cooking a sweeter version of ham tonight like honey-glazed ham, then dry riesling would be a perfect choice. Full of apple, peach, and citrus flavours, this wine is the best if you want to cut down the fattiness of ham. It has a perfect touch of sweetness and bold acidic flavour which will compliment the rich texture of ham without overshadowing it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.Do you serve red or white wine with ham?

Honestly, it depends upon your own personal taste. Both these wine work fantastically ham and hence you can choose any one based on your own preference. However, red wine is mostly served with ham. 

Q2.What wine goes with honey-baked ham?

If you are preparing a sweet dish of ham, then it’s better to go with a wine that would help you tone down the sweetness and create a top-notch balance between the taste. You can go with Dry Riesling and Chardonnay in this case.

Q3.Can you serve Pinot Noir with ham?

Pinot Noir is the best red wine to be served with ham. This aromatic red wine works finely with ham due to its subtle dark fruit and floral flavour that beautifully pairs with the rich texture of any preparation of ham and doubles its taste. 

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