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What Wine Goes With Salmon -2024

I am a Wine lover and so preparing a scrumptious meal with Salmon and serving wine alongside is indeed a perfect, elegant table preparation for guests. Sounds good? If yes, you might already have your best recipe in mind but choosing the perfect wine to pair it with salmon is the challenging task here. But … Read more

What Wine Goes With Ham- Updated 2024

Imagine a scrumptious dinner for your guests tonight with black forest ham and other dishes, but not a perfect wine. Would kill the mood, right? As a wine lover, I cannot imagine a ham steak or ham with spicy mustard without wine. The main reason why you need to pair it with a glass of … Read more

Best Wine Goes With Turkey- Updated 2024

A lot of wine brands are there, some of which are pinot noir, and chardonnay which goes absolutely well with turkey meat. Turkey and wine both are favorites of many people when they party. But they are not sure what wine they should have with the turkey. And that is why they keep googling this. … Read more

What Wine Goes With Steak- Updated 2024

My boyfriend and I are great steak aficionados. And I’m preparing a special steak supper for next weekend, but I’m out of ideas for fresh wine pairings. I normally drink a large, powerful red. However, it would be interesting to try something else or maybe a different sort of wine altogether. There are numerous red … Read more

What Wine Goes With Sushi- Updated 2024

Wine Pairing With Sushi

As a server, bartender, and sommelier, I’ve spent over a decade selling wine and sushi. And, as the beverage director of one of the country’s greatest sushi restaurants, I’ve sampled a wide range of wines with sushi. Sushi night, in my humble opinion, is the best night of the week. To be honest, you could … Read more

What Wine Goes With Pork Chops- 2024

I live for a good pork chop meal – Pork Chops with Cherry Sauce, Grilled Pork Chops with White BBQ Sauce, or even this Pork Piccata all go wonderfully with wine. Do you know what wine works well with pork chops? I’ve got your back! The greatest wine pairing with pork, like other foods, depends … Read more

Monopoly Drinking Game Rules And Gameplay- 2024

Do you know, there is a game that specifically rules around a situation? This means, you mostly take a drink when certain things happen in the game. Intrigued?  Well, there are games that sound confusing but it is pretty simple and fun, and in fact, names suggest a lot i.e, a Monopoly drinking game! What … Read more

How Many Ounces In A Shot- 2024

The shot glass varies from country to country In reality, there is no official standardized size of the shot, rather the number of ounces depends on the size of the glass. Be it a Saturday friend’s hang-out evening or a late Sunday happy hour, shots are a staple for nearly every fun night weekend.  However, … Read more