Chandelier Drinking Game: Rules & How To Play- 2024

A drinking competition will begin at some point whether you are hosting a party with a group of friends or getting ready for a night out. The chandelier game, which is essentially a combination of flip cup and beer pong, is ideal for parties of medium to small size.

Beer Pong and Flip Cup, two other well-known drinking games, serve as models. However, it is still distinctly its own game. To play Chandelier, you’ll need a few different pieces of gear. So, first, look at how the game works before we get into everything you need to know.

What You’ll Need To Play

Chandelier Drinking Game Rules And Gameplay

The Chandelier drinking game is relatively simple to play, but it does require some initial preparation. However, once you’ve done it a few times, starting a Chandelier game should be fairly simple and quick. So, let’s talk more about what you’ll need to play.

1. Ping Pong Balls: When most people search for Ping Pong balls, they frequently inquire about the similarities and differences between Table Tennis and Ping Pong. Fortunately, though, all you need to play the Chandelier drinking game are balls that bounce well.

2. Plastic Cups: Drinking games like King’s Cup and Quarters rely heavily on plastic cups. Each player in Chandelier will need one plastic cup. Because they make it easier for people to remember their cups, colored cups like these work exceptionally well.

3. The Playing Surface: The chandelier drinking game is very important. It can be played on any flat surface, but a large flat table is preferred. Chandelier drinking is therefore not suitable for a pub drinking game.

Chandelier Drinking Game Rules And Gameplay

To begin playing the chandelier drinking game, follow these guidelines:

One player starts the game by bouncing a ping pong ball off the table and into a drink. If that player fails, the next player to the left tries to do the same.
If a player sinks a ping pong ball into someone else’s cup, that player must finish their drink and bring it back to the table to start the game over. 
Even if a player sinks a cup, the left player still starts next and bounces the ping pong ball.
Everyone must quickly finish their drinks and play a game of flip cups if someone puts a ping pong ball in the middle cup, which is already full. 
The middle cup must be consumed by the last person to flip their cup.

Now, you can choose between two different chandelier drinking games here. When you lose the flip cup and drink the middle cup in the traditional version, you lose the game and can’t rejoin the game if you don’t refill your own cup. The game then, at that point, goes on until just a single player is left remaining in the game.

Now, if you’re rushing and want people to keep playing, you can always make losing players refill their cups so they can keep playing.

Aim Of The Game

Chandelier’s objective is to bounce the ping pong balls so that they land in the cups of other players. In the event that a ping pong ball lands in your cup, you should drink the items, top off your cup, and play. Until a ball lands in the middle cup, the game continues.

At the point when a ball lands in the center cup, all players should drink and afterward turn their cup so the cup lands over. The player who flips their cup last is required to complete the middle cup.

The chandelier game is an excellent option if you are looking for a fun game that you and your friends can play together. Simply gather everyone together and enjoy a few drinks while playing! But before that, let’s go over all the rules that need to be followed.

Setup The Game

Here’s how you get ready for the game along with your friends. 

To play the chandelier, fill each player’s red solo cup with their preferred beverage.
Similar to a game of flip cups, players should fill the cups to the first bottom line at least.
The next step is for each player to circle their red solo cups on the table.
The next step is to place an empty red Solo cup face-down in the middle of the table. Finally, top the empty red solo cup in the middle of the table with a drink that has been filled to the brim of the other cup.

The Gameplay

Once everything is set up, one player should nominate themselves to start Chandelier. After that, they will attempt to bounce a Ping Pong ball into a cup. Assuming that they bob the ball into their cup, they should drink from it and afterward top off it.

Every player will need to drink from their cup if they land the ball in the center cup. They will need to turn their cup around. The last player to flip their cup will need to drink from the center cup, so this must be done quickly.

You will need to drink from the cup and then refill it if the ball bounces into the cup of another player. Play will shift to the player on your left if the ball misses a cup. On the other hand, the next player will move forward if they catch the ball before it hits the ground.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play the chandelier drinking game?

Once everything is set up, one player should nominate themselves to start Chandelier. Post this, they shall attempt to bounce a ping pong ball into one of the cups and drink from it later. if the ball lands in the center cup, everyone drinks. 


The chandelier drinking game is fun with friends. Simply, nominate and see who can catch the ball. I found this game really funny because my friend was so trippy that he could not even observe the direction properly and seeing him catch my shots was ultimate!

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