Flip Cup Drinking Game Rules And Gameplay- 2024

Drinking is fun, but imagine finishing your drink with no end of fun! When the two main characters toast each other, you can begin a game of flip-cup. Everyone should try to flip their cup when they’re done drinking. They do this by resting their cup on the edge of the table.

Then, using only one finger, they should flip the cup over so that the bottom rests on the surface below. Reposition the cup and give it another shot if the first attempt fails. Once you’ve flipped the cup successfully, it’s the next player’s turn.

The game continues in this fashion until one team has flipped its cups. The winning team is revealed as soon as this is done, and the losing team members are forced to take another swig from their respective drinks. That wraps up the basics, but you should be aware of a few additional disciplinary rules.

The Essentials For Playing Flip-Cup

  • Each participant receives one Red Solo cup.
  • Beer
  • Two teams required

Instructions For Playing Flip Cup Drinking Games

Flip Cup Drinking Games

It’s a race against the clock to determine which team can flip and fill their cup the fastest in the game of Flip Cup.
Players take cover behind their cups.
The game begins with the first two players for each team. All at once, they clink glasses in a toast.
After a player finishes his drink, he should flip over his cup and place his palm on the underside.
Once one buddy gets the cup in his hand, the other can start sipping.
The side whose players grab the emptied cups first is the victor in this game.

Setup For Playing Flip Cup

To play Flip Cup, you’ll need one approved Pro Beer Sports table, eight official cups, and two unopened cans of 12 oz. beer for each player. It has been announced that the official Pro Beer Sports table measurements are 8′ in length, 2 in breadth, and 2.5 in height.

Pro Beer Sports' official booze ware are fluted stadium cups with 22 ounces.

A Pro Beer Sports table can be folded into four separate portions. Four-person teams line up along the length of the table, with one member in each quadrant. Each player will compete against a single opponent from the opposing team. Each participant has an empty cup on the table. Each team’s four cups should have a 12-ounce beer before each round of flips.

How many people are needed to play Flip Cup?

This activity necessitates at least four people to play well. For this reason, there will always be at least one other person on each team.

Still, Beer Pong is a great substitute for riskier drinking activities if you’re over four.

Larger groups of 10 or more people waiting their turn at the Beer Pong pitch can be a test of stamina. Flip Cup is superior to Beer Pong in these kinds of situations.

Extra Guidelines For The Drinking Game Version Of Flip Cup

The flip still needs to be completed if the cup is still swinging. The cup has been successfully flipped once its rim has made full contact with the surface while still sliding over it.
A cup that has been turned and successfully settled still sits slightly over the table but meets all the other requirements.
Before you may flip the cup, you must drink all of the beer in it. If you spill your beer, you lose the round.
Players are not allowed to use their hands to facilitate the settling of a cup. It doesn’t matter how close someone is if they touch the cup to help it settle.
Rule number one states that after a cup has been successfully flipped, it cannot be moved by any other player.
A player loses the round and maybe the game if they deliberately knock over or touch another player’s cup.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do You Win The Flip Cup Every Time?

They say in snooker, shot little and miss small, which means you should aim very precisely. Focus on the smaller goal in your mind’s eye, and you’ll increase your chances of making the shot; you might not fill the cup, but you should get close.

2. How Do You Play The Cup Game?

Every member of your party only needs one cup. The play could take place on the floor or at a table. It’s easy to learn and a blast to play. You keep passing the cup from left to right, and you never make a mistake.

3. How Do You Play Flip-Cup With Kids?

Each player drinks from their cup, then take a turn, flipping it over the edge of the table, so it lands beer-side down. It takes at least three people to flip the cup for a group of six. If more team members can flip, the game will continue for longer.

4. How Do You Play Flip-Cup Elimination?

Flip Cup Elimination is a drinking game similar to the version played on the hit TV show Survivor, albeit with fewer drinks and a greater focus on maintaining equilibrium. There will be several elimination rounds, much like in a game of flip-cup, in which the winners get to eliminate one of the losers at the end of each round.

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