Harry Potter Drinking Game Rules And Gameplay

Are you a Harry potter fan? If you do messages like 'Face your fears, ‘friendship is important, ‘belief in yourself' must be familiar to you. And now the twist is, what if, you implement the fun and lessons of your harry potter drinking game

Not sure, how?

We have a perfect Harry Potter Drinking game for you! Let’s explore!

Harry Potter Drinking Game?

The best part about the Harry Potter drinking game is that the rules can be changed to fit your needs. This is great because it means you can change the game to fit your group or the materials you have on hand. For example, you can only use shots and sips, make cocktails, or drink a whole bottle of beer.

We can play the game with any of the eight Harry Potter movies. If you want to make it harder, you can change the rules to fit each movie.

You don’t need to worry too much if you haven’t seen a lot of the Harry Potter movies, but the Potter fans in your group will have an advantage over you when you’re competing, so be on high alert because they will see your weakness and use it against you.

I like all the Harry Potter games, but the best thing about this one is that it usually leads to getting drunk. Winner! I’ll tell you my favorite version of the game and the rules I like to use when playing.

One piece of advice I have is that you will see that the game is broken up into sections like “sip your drink” or “take a shot.”

I’ve given these a lot of thought because, of course, if you took a shot every time you saw a wand or Ron Weasley, it would be a pretty short game, and your group might end up going home pretty early and a little worse for wear.

Equipment For Playing The Harry Potter Drinking Game

For this Harry Potter drinking game, you must have access to Amazon Prime or another streaming service that offers Harry Potter. Alternatively, you can get the films on DVD from Amazon. If you are a Harry Potter lover, you likely already own all eight of these books.

  • You’ll need a great selection of alcohol, of course. You should have a few different mixers, different kinds of spirits, wine, something for shots, and some light beers.
  • Last, you’ll need a group of Potter fans and non-Potter fans who are up for a good time.

How To Setup 

  • Fits perfectly with each Harry Potter film. In other words, you can use the game with any of the 8 movies you like. You are your king; hence you have control over it.
  • When a certain word or deed is said or done, you drink. This is the very first instruction.
  • Making your own rules is something you are free to do. Adding your unique suggestions is fun, especially if you develop them based on your likes and already know your colleagues would adore them.
  • You are free to play with as many people as you like. There is no required minimum player count, so the game can be played with any number of players, even if you’re searching for a fun drinking game for only two people.
  • There are 4 “ways” to drink. You’ll take a sip, down your shot, complete your beverage, or even brew a cocktail using various beverages. You’ll know what to do based on the word or action. The key thing is that you will drink, so don’t worry.
  • The players receive the ‘you have to drink!’ instruction. This implies that you must consume alcohol whenever one of the “special” regulations is made.
  • The game improves our ability to focus. We truly keep concentrating because we don’t want to miss anything. Thus it makes us focus. Well, this concentration may dissipate if you get inebriated.

Drinking Games Harry Potter Rules and Gameplay

Harry Potter Drinking Games Rules and Gameplay

  • When the film focuses on Harry’s scar, have a drink. This will be more noticeable in the first film but will occur in all of them. If Harry mentions his scar hurting in the same scene, take two drinks.
  • Take a drink whenever Gryffindor receives a point for something. This rule can be expanded significantly by including a drinking every time Gryffindor loses points for something else. Have a chug when Gryffindor wins the House Cup at the end of the academic year.
  • Take a drink every time Harry’s entire name is mentioned. Make it more intense by drinking whenever someone’s complete name is mentioned. Take two drinks if it’s used negatively or expressed in a way that makes the speaker uncomfortable.
  • Every time someone says Harry has his mother’s eyes, take a drink. If Harry addresses his deceased parents first and someone comments on his mother’s eyes, take two drinks.
  • Take a drink whenever someone refers to Voldemort as “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” or something like that. If his name is genuinely called, chug.
  • Have two drinks if Harry catches the Snitch during a game of Quidditch or a practice game. Harry drinks when he catches the Snitch in his mouth rather than his hand.
  • Every time Hagrid says, “I shouldn’t have said that,” “I shouldn’t have told you that,” or a variation of this sentence, take two beers. If the movie suddenly cuts to the next scene after Hagrid says this, take an additional drink.
  • Take two drinks every time one of the series’ unforgivable curses, such as the killing curse, is used. Every time this is shown in a flashback to Harry’s parents dying, take an extra drink. You can also substitute chugging for an extra drink—but everyone may become inebriated quickly.
  • When your favorite character dies, chug your drink. To avoid cheating, have everyone write down their favorite character before the movie marathon begins.
  • Take a drink whenever the word Muggle is mentioned. If it’s uttered in an unpleasant tone or with the word mud blood instead, take two drinks.
  • Every time Malfoy mentions his father, he takes a drink. Take two cocktails every time his father appears in a film for the first time.
  • Every time you see someone’s Dark Mark, take a drink. If Voldemort is also present in the scenario, have two beers.
  • Everyone should write down their favorite quote from one of the movies. Then, anytime someone says their favorite quote, take a drink. Make it more interesting by requiring the person in question to drink two beers if they get the quote wrong by more than one or two words.
  • Every time someone says “Expelliarmus” or “Lumos,” take a drink.
  • Every time someone kisses someone else, take a drink.

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The Harry Potter drinking game makes all eight films more enjoyable and wonderful. Use it as a pre-gaming movie, or watch it with your friends for a chill evening.

Enjoy the game, use moderation when drinking, and let us know how you liked it.

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