Drunk Spelling Bee Words Rules And Gameplay

So tell us, how many drinks can you handle without looking tipsy already? 7 or 8.. maybe? Well, be sure,  because we have a game to test if you get drunk or you get awesome this time!

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What is a Drunk Spelling Bee Words Game?

Each player in the drunk spelling bee words game will get a chance to pair up with someone else. After pairing off, players test their spelling skills against each other by facing increasingly challenging word sequences. It’s a drinking game where the loser has to drink a shot if he misspells the word, and the winner has to down the shot if he’s challenged.

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Drunk spelling bee word list

How To Play The Spelling Bee Drinking Game 

Emphasize the first letter.

The first step of the game is to determine the first word that can be made from the collective’s seven letters. Each word found must be at least four letters in length and feature a central letter, per the game’s regulations. The same letter can be used multiple times, so don’t worry about it.

Make a vocabulary list.

Each word you uncover adds to your score. You get an extra point for every point you score with a four-letter term. An additional point is awarded for each letter in a longer word. Seven bonus points are awarded for the discovery of a rhyming poem. Earning the highest possible score is the objective of the game. If you are stuck, remember that you can reorganize the alphabet.

Find out how you did.

Keep an eye on your progress and try to get the highest score possible. You’ll get new levels as you move through the game. When you reach the “Genius” level, the game is over. The Daily Spelling Bee Game is a great way to have fun and compete with friends.

Spelling Bee Drinking Game Materials

  • The spelling word list is broken down into several difficulty levels, i.e. Easy, Medium, Hard.
  • Each guest will receive a beer with backups if your buddies aren’t excellent spellers.

Set Up Of Drunk Spelling Bee Words

  • Choose a location for the inebriated spelling contest, typically a bar or club.
  • Set the party’s date and time.
  • Set the time and place for your inebriated spelling contest.
  • Set the frequency of your inebriated spelling bee; weekly, monthly, yearly, or once.
  • You are free to charge an admission or registration fee.
  • You can use the tried-and-true method of using random words from a dictionary or choose a theme for your drunk spelling bee.

Spelling Bee Drinking Game Rules

Drunk Spelling Bee Words

Get a group of four to twenty individuals together in a room.
Tell each player to grab a beer which is why this game is also called Spelling Beer or some other drink to hold in their hand.
Choose a judge or moderator to oversee the beer spelling bee’s proceedings.
The judge will give a player a word to spell. After the first person is done, they go on to the next one.
If the speller gets it right, they have to down a drink and move on to the next round. Players who misspell their words are not automatically eliminated but must swallow their drink instead.
After 2 or 3 rounds have been completed depending on how many players are still in the game, the moderator should switch to the terms of moderate difficulty. After that, move on to more challenging vocabulary items.
As people drink more and more, the final round will come down to just two people who will have to spell the most difficult words they can think of.
If only two players are left, and one misses their next word, the surviving player must spell another word to be declared the winner.
When just one player is left in Spelling Beer, they are declared the winner, and the crowd erupts in applause.

Tips For Spelling Bee Drinking Game

Establish a strategy for how you will start getting ready and stick to the strategy.
Books written for a primary or secondary-level audience are a good place to start.
Write down the words you can’t spell and the meanings of which you don’t know.
Create a notebook just for recording these terms and their defined dictionary versions.
To get better, you have to put in the work on your own. It may help to repeat the terms that you are having trouble remembering. Put some effort into them.
Create a brand new list every 2-3 days.
You can watch English films or TV shows with subtitles to better your spelling and vocabulary.
Study the meanings of the underlying words.
Keep the practice of checking the dictionary frequently.
Two or three apps on your mobile device can be useful for prepping.
Acquire the ability to read and pronounce diacritics.
Do your best to read and write whenever you can.
Post-it notes can be used to decorate your room with written messages.
Teachers and peers are resources you can tap into for assistance.
Regularly employ the use of standard English. In either spoken or written form.
To get ready, you can use search terms and internet resources.

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