Wizard The Card Game Rules And Gameplay

Trust everybody, but cut the cards! Sounds like a familiar trick to win in the card game? Well, I love mystery and suspense in card games, And, here comes one of my favourites,

The Wizard card game. If you haven’t played well in your group, trust me, you are missing out on something very interesting. After all, it has been popular since 1984.

All About Wizard The Card Game!

It is a trick-taking card game that uses a unique deck of cards. This game uses a unique deck of sixty cards.  You’ll need at least three people to play the Wizard card game, so it’s not a good choice for two people. However, a limit of six players makes it a great card game for a group.

The game might seem hard at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll surely enjoy it. To win the Wizard card game, you need to have the most points at the end of the game. The number of rounds you’ll play will depend on how many people are playing.

Furthermore, to score, you have to bid correctly on the number of tricks you’ll take in each round. Having said that, you could even bid zero and still get points. But, you will lose points if your bid is wrong. So think carefully!

What You’ll Need to Play?

You’ll need a special set of playing cards if you want to play the Wizard card game. The Wizard card game is widely available on the internet, and our favourite version is the Original Wizard Card Game. A score sheet must be provided in addition to the playing cards.

Objective Of The Game

The objective of each round is to estimate how many tricks you will take correctly. If you’re playing a game where you earn points for being right, you want to be the one with the most points possible. It sounds like a mind-blowing game, isn’t it?

The Deal

Every player is given one card, and the player with the highest card becomes the dealer. A game with high cards. On the initial deal, one card is given to each participant. The second deal consists of two cards, the third of three, and so on.

After each round, the dealer shuffles the deck and passes the reins to the left. After the cards have been dealt, the next card is flipped over to establish the highest suit.

If the face-up card is a Joker, it is flipped over, and the round continues without a trump card.

Each game’s last round features a full card distribution, eliminating the possibility of a trump hand.


Each player, starting to the dealer’s left, says how many tricks they will take (zero or one on the first round), and the scorer writes it down on a scorepad. The total number of tricks offered may or may not be the same as the total number of tricks available.

Keeping Track Of Tricks

Before the game starts, the scorer should say how many tricks each player has asked for. Each player should also keep their won tricks out in the open so that others can see them. Some players find it helpful to mark the number of tricks called for with coins or poker chips. This makes it easy for everyone to see how many tricks each player needs.

The Set Up

The first step is to determine who will deal with the cards and keep score. To do this, one player should shuffle the cards, and everyone should take one. The first dealer will be the player with the highest-valued card.

The person with the card with the lowest value will keep track of the score, and that person will stay in charge for the whole game. If two players draw the same card, they must take another card from the deck.

Once both roles have been decided, the dealer should shuffle the cards again. If you have one, you can use an automatic card shuffler. The dealer will give each player one card and put the others in the middle.

The trump suit for the first round is then decided by flipping over the top card in the deck. If the top card is a Wizard, the dealer can choose the trump suit, but if the top card is a Jester, there is no trump suit. When this is finished, the game can start.


The game starts once the round’s trump suit has been chosen. Each player will initially place a bid for the number of tricks they anticipate being able to take. Always, the person to the dealer’s left gets to go first.

Once everyone has placed a bet, the player immediately to the dealer’s left will start the game. The scorekeeper will record each bid. They must deal a card from their hand into the centre, and if possible, the next player should do the same.

Remember that regardless of the suit, a Wizard or Jester can be played anytime. The player who lays down the card with the highest value after each player has played a card wins the trick. When a Wizard enters the game, players can play any card they want.

If a player places a Jester card down first, the suit that must be followed will be determined by the next matched card played. If more than one Wizard is used, the trick will always be won by the first to be put down. 


When you play the Wizard card game, there are a few things to remember.

  • First, a new card is dealt with at the start of each round.
  • Each player will get two cards in the second round, three in the third, four in the fourth, and so on.
  • When every card has been dealt, the game is over. This means that the number of cards you get depends on how many people are playing. In the last round, if there are three players, each player will have 20 cards.
  • In a game with four players, each person will get 15 cards. No matter how many people are playing, there is never a trump suit for the last round.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How do you play Wizard the card game?

The game’s goal is to correctly guess how many tricks a player will get in the next round of play. If your bid is correct, you earn points, but if it’s wrong, you lose points. The winner is the person who has the most points after all the rounds have been played.

Q.2 Can you play Wizard with 2 players?

You’ll need at least three people to play the Wizard card game, so it’s not a good choice for two people.

Q.3 What is a trick in the Wizard card game?

A trick is when a player wins every card in a round. The card with the highest value in the first suit played, the highest trump played, or the first Wizard played would win the trick.

Q.4 How many cards do you get in the Wizard game?

A Wizard deck has 60 cards: a standard set of 52 playing cards, 4 Wizards, and 4 Jesters. The least valuable cards are the jesters, the ones up to thirteen, and the wizards.

Pourwinebar’s Review

Wizard is a fun game to play. Easy for people of all ages to play. It’s easy to bring on a trip or keep at a vacation rental for guests. It’s also a great thing to put in a stocking. So many games don’t work well with more than 4 people. Wizard is a game that 3 or more people can play. This card game is fun and easy to learn.

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